[BLOG] Haz In Korea | Why You Gotta Eat Out In Korea

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I hope you are enjoying winter with cosy nights in and cups of hot chocolate 🙂

Today I am writing about another amazing experience of mine in Korea; meals out!
It’s one thing you’ve got to try at least once while you are staying in this Far East country.
No matter which cuisine you choose, you will enjoy the whole experience let alone the food.

Here’s why:


1. Koreans Know How To Barbecue

A Standard Korean Barbecue*

One of the famous things about Korean food is Korean Barbecue.
When you go to a Korean Barbecue restaurant, you sit at a table with grill in the middle and a pipe hanging down from ceiling to suck all the smoke.

Once you have ordered meat to grill, you get a dozen of side dishes to keep you busy while the meat is being cooked. It depends on restaurants but quite a lot of restaurants have staff to grill the meat for you too. They even replace your grill when it gets too greasy and burnt! So all you have to do is eat eat and eat.

You can also get a small free bowl of rice when you order a traditional Korean stew (either Kimchi or Miso paste). Anyway, it is heck a lot more than just grilled meat.


2. Koreans Are Keen To Find Good Ones

A Korean Restaurant Guide Application**

Koreans love sharing; from information to food. If there’s a good Italian restaurant, they have to share it. Also Koreans love finding and trying the best of all sorts, especially food.

There are loads of bloggers who review hundreds of restaurants and even TV programmes and mobile applications to introduce quality restaurants in Korea.
So it is quite easy to find a good restaurant for any cuisine in whichever area, all you have to do is search.

Most of the restaurants that I went to were actually those quality ones proven online; my friends kindly searched them for me. How convenient! And the foods? Of course, they were amazing!



3. Koreans Are Creative Foodies

I was really impressed with some of the restaurants for their creative way to serve food. I went to 3 different Korean barbecue places, and they were all unique and appealing. Grilling meat on your own table was the only thing in common among those three. Wow. You would be surprised by how many different styles of restaurant for the same cuisine in one street in Seoul.

Black Stone: A steakhouse with a pipe on a side of the table!

This steak house my friend and I went to had two pipes sticking out from edges of our table to suck smoke from this individual steak grill. I know, right? The picture above might help you understand what I am trying to describe here… It is just another level.


4. You Can Try Proper Traditional Korean Cuisine

Korean Traditional Food
A Traditional Korean Cuisine***

Yes. When I say proper traditional Korean food, I mean PROPER. A small bowl of rice, a bowl of soup, a couple of main dishes and a dozen of side dishes. You don’t know where to start and may feel somehow lost in so many flavours and textures. The main dishes usually contain meat or fish, and side dishes are mostly made of a range of vegetables.

Why You Gotta Eat Out In Korea 2
A Main dish: Steamed Pork With Kimchi

I took my British hubby to a traditional Korean restaurant, and he loved it! He found a couple of the side dishes a little strange, but he enjoyed most of them and all the main dishes.

Korean cuisine is mostly based on soy sauce, chilies, garlic, sesame oil and a little bit of sugar. So if you are OK with these ingredients, you will find traditional Korean cuisine very enjoyable. Have a try, and let me know what you think of it. 🙂

Also, you get to experience this “sharing food” culture whilst trying a variety of food too! And you know, it is quite easy to try traditional Korean food in this scale at a meal out.


All in all, it’s one thing you will try in Korea because of its variety and convenience, and I am quite confident to say, something you will enjoy too.

The following restaurants are my little recommendations on good eat out places in Korea for you.


Thanks for reading,
I will see you in my next blog. 🙂

H xx


Me trying on a disposable apron 🙂

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