[VIDEO] Haz In Korea | At A Korean Gym

Hi guys,

Here’s the very first video of my Korea Vlog, and it’s on my first Korean gym experience! Korean gyms are truly amazing, they give you a couple of towels, a t-shirt, a pair of shorts and even a pair of socks! Also the gym I went to had a great sauna facility as well which is always a plus.
I hope you guys enjoy sharing my standard gym routines as well as what Korean gyms are like!



[VIDEO]Bouldering at Boulder Central

Hi guys!
I hope you are all happy and healthy 🙂

I love climbing on Saturdays if not more often. My husband got me into it 2 years ago and since it’s been my main sport.

I just wanted to share what my bouldering sessions are like with you,
so hope you enjoy it!

Haz xx